PHCC LI in the News

Posted December 5, 2017

PHCC of Long Island has been featured in Newsday and CBS, in regard to the growing shortage of plumbers on Long Island. Our board members were able to offer some insight into this shortage and what needs to be done. Be sure to check out the articles!


Long Island facing a plumber shortage as baby boomers retire

Plumbers have more work than they can handle, but say they have trouble enticing young people to learn the trade — despite a median annual wage of $95,010.

By Carrie Mason-Draffen
pneevr.znfba-qenssra@arjfqnl.pbz  @newsgirlie
Updated December 3, 2017 6:40 AM

If you live on Long Island and are having trouble finding a plumber, you are not alone. Much like the nation, the Island has a shortage of plumbers, according to labor experts and plumbers.

One of the key reasons is their thinning ranks caused by waves of Baby Boomer retirements. Long Island’s plumbing industry averages 270 job openings a year; 190 are new jobs created by growth, said Shital Patel, labor-market analyst in the state Labor Department’s Hicksville office. But 80 of them on average, or about 30 percent, are vacancies mostly due to retirements. Read More.



Nationwide Skilled Trade Shortage Creating Critical Need For Plumbers On Long Island

EAST HILLS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Broken boiler? Cracked pipes? You may find it harder than ever to find a plumber.

There’s a nationwide plumber shortage, and on Long Island the problem is especially critical.

Don Conway learned the tricks of the trade from his dad, but now his children want nothing to do with his line of work.

“They would rather sit behind a computer, neat and clean,” the master plumber told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

He’s the vice president of Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Contractors of Long Island, and he says across the nation there’s a plumber shortage as baby boomers retire and the supply of newcomers coming up through the pipeline dries up. Read More.