PHCC National Webinar - Rebuild, Retool & Revive: 3 Business Drivers That Build Value

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 Marla DiCarlo, RaincatcherSelling your business is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is vital that you prepare for this event to maximize the full value of your business. Thanks to COVID–19, we’re experiencing a structural shift in our economy. This economic environment is not an easy one in which to succeed — it’s one in which your business might need to retool to revive and thrive. The question is, are you ready?  Join us for Rebuild, Retool & Revive: 3 Business Driver That Build Value.

  • Identify what value drivers are essential to build value and how to rate your business.
  • Learn how to differentiate your products and services to create a "moat."
  • Understand what makes your business valuable 

If you focus on the right improvements, your business could become stronger than ever. Whether you want to sell your business soon or increase the value of your business, we will show you strategies you can implement today to help you receive the best purchase price of your business.

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