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Home Tips: Summer Vacation Prep

Statistics: Ruptured washing machine hoses account for the majority of water-based insurance damage claims. Taking some simple steps prior to leaving on vacation can pay some big dividends in avoiding trouble upon returning from your trip.

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Home Tips: Plumbing Projects: When to Call a Professional

Today’s homeowners are probably more prone than ever to attempt many of the projects around their homes themselves. But what happens when that simple project suddenly becomes complicated?  Even experienced do-it-yourselfers may soon discover that some projects become too difficult to handle and they need to call in a professional. Projects dealing with a home’s plumbing system are a good example.  It’s important for homeowners to remember that a professional plumbing-heating-cooling contractor is the best person to do the job because the family’s health, safety and comfort are involved.

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Frozen Pipe Warning

The Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors of Long Island (PHCC-LI) have issued a frozen pipe alert for Long Island.

Below freezing weather is expected over the next week across Long Island. The members and leaders of the PHCC-LI warn homeowners and building maintenance personnel about the potential for frozen pipes which could lead to pipes bursting. Broken pipes can cause expensive, dangerous and severe flood damage. PHCC-LI urges homeowners to take immediate and cost-effective preventative steps.


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6 ways to ensure your house survives a Long Island winter

Be sure to check out today's issue of Newsday! PHCC of LI Member, Ed Schoen made the LI Home cover story, "Take Winter By Storm".

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Summer AC Maintenance, Energy Efficiency & Warning Signs

PHCC-LI offers summer air-conditioning system maintenance, energy efficiency and warning signs for homeowners.

On Long Island, many homeowners have central air conditioning systems installed in their homes. Due to the large investment in these systems, homeowners need to ensure that their HVAC units are continually operating properly and at their peak efficiency.

Failure to keep up with maintenance has the potential to cause damage to HVAC systems. In some cases, not keeping up with maintenance and regular cleanings may lead to system failure, expensive repairs or the need to replace equipment entirely.

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