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NY Heat Act Does Not Pass

The NYSPHCC wanted to share the below update from National Fuel since June 8 marked the end of the NYS Legislative Session. We appreciate the hard work of likeminded stakeholders in fighting the proposed NY Heat Act.

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"I was Born to Be a Plumber" - from PHCC Online

‘I Was Born to Be a Plumber’
Reconciling Family Traditions with Changing Times
(and What You Can Do Through Social Media)

PHCC—National President Joe Cornetta, co-owner of a third-generation plumbing and heating business in Elmont, New York, says he was “born and bred to be in this trade and eventually control the path of our family tradition.”

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Gas Ban Press Conference Photos

Photos from the Gas Ban Press Conference on October 18 are now viewable in our Event Galleries!


Read MoreOct 24, 2023

Join the Fight & Save Our Industry!

PHCC of NY State, PHCC of Long Island & PCA of Long Island Announcing Our Lawsuit to Fight NYS Gas Ban.

PHCC National Mark Valentini will speak on behalf of PHCC NY State. Please Come & Show Your Support!


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Meyerowitz Family to Donate $30,000 for Veteran Training

Gil Meyerowitz's family made a generous donation of $30,000 for veterans. PHCC will use funds to provide training in the plumbing/HVAC field to veterans.

Read MoreSep 19, 2023

Urge Representatives to Give New Yorkers Energy Options

Read MoreMar 13, 2023

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