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Meyerowitz Family to Donate $30,000 for Veteran Training

Gil Meyerowitz's family made a generous donation of $30,000 for veterans. PHCC will use funds to provide training in the plumbing/HVAC field to veterans.

Read MoreSep 19, 2023

Urge Representatives to Give New Yorkers Energy Options

Read MoreMar 13, 2023

FROZEN PIPE ALERT: Cold Weather with Below Freezing Temperatures 2/1/23 - 2/5/23

Read MoreFeb 1, 2023

Wales Darby Energy Efficient Heating Expo

Read MoreSep 26, 2022

PHCC National Membership Benefits 2022!

PHCC National offers everything you need to strengthen your business and educate your employees!

Read MoreJul 15, 2022

President's Message - Summer 2022

Dear Members,

It is truly an honor to serve as your President of the PHCC LI Chapter! Despite challenges over the past few years, our organization has continued to get more involved in our community, build our membership, and promote our brand. We would like to thank past president Don Conway for his passion and dedication to our chapter. As president, Don did a great job of moving our organization forward, making his ambitious agenda a reality, and promoting the PHCC. He led our organization throughout the early days and height of the pandemic, and for this we are grateful. We are excited to welcome our new executive board, and I am thrilled to serve as the current president of PHCC of Long Island. 

Read MoreJul 15, 2022

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