Consumer Tips

  • Always know where your main shutoff valve is located in case of an emergency situation.
  • With winter here, make sure all outside faucets are closed from inside and drained down.
  • Homeowners with steam heating equipment must flush out the float type low water cutoff device twice a month during the heating season. This is to prevent the build up of sediment that might cause the control to malfunction. This can be done by turning the valve on the top of the device counter clockwise and releasing the water inside--be sure to be careful, the water is hot--until the device is clear of water. After water is drained, then return water to the device. A boiler running low on water can cause serious damage to life and property. It is best to have your heating equipment inspected by a licensed qualified contractor.
  • Using a licensed contractor gives you the assurance that he is properly insured. You can feel free to ask them to supply you with certificates of insurance.
  • For homeowners who experience severe allergy problems, it might be wise to look into radiant heating for your home. This could help in the fight to control airborne movement of dust, pet dander, mold and dust mites. By doing away with carpet and padding, wood, laminate or tile floors can be used instead.
  • When using your hose faucets to spray fertilizer or bug killers make sure you install a vacuum breaker on the faucet. This inexpensive device can be easily installed, has proven to be a life saver as it prevents the contents of the sprayer from coming back into the house plumbing system.