“The PHCC e.Learning Apprenticeship Academy has helped prepare our candidates for journeyman license examination. Using this program gives our company a clear advantage over our competition and promotes pride, professionalism, and personal responsibility in our ranks. Great investment, thanks PHCC!”

- Peter J. Peden, Citadel Plumbing, Piping & Heating Services


What is the Program?

  • NY State PHCC offers plumbing apprentice e.Learning courses for apprentices who need a non-traditional method of receiving their apprenticeship-related instruction.
  • Program recognized by U.S. DOL and the NY State Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.
  • PHCC Educational Foundation administers the learning management system that hosts courses.
  • Each course equals one year of classroom instruction.

How do the costs compare?

  • Community College 2-Year Program Average Cost: $46,280*
  • College/University 4-Year Program Average Cost: $93,640-$185,088*
  • NY State PHCC e.Learning Apprenticeship Academy 4-Year Program Cost: $6,780-$10,780


What is the Process?

1. Contact NY State PHCC for an enrollment form (

2. Submit completed enrollment form with payment to NY State PHCC.

3. NY State PHCC enrolls student in the Learning Management System.

4. Once enrolled, student receives email from learning management system and must authenticate (confirm) to begin course.

5. NY State PHCC sends student his/her textbook for the course.

6. Student begins course and has 1 year to complete coursework. A counter in the course lets students know how much time remains. When finished, student can print a certificate of completion. 

Pre-Apprenticeship Course

This six-module online course is a perfect way to give potential workers a realistic view of the opportunities in the industry and the skills needed before they commit to a longer-term apprenticeship program. Students who complete the course get a certificate that will show potential employers that they have learned what is required to pursue a career in the industry as well as key skills and techniques to help them succeed in apprenticeship. The cost is $99 per person. Please contact Qbebgul Erqql at NYSPHCC for more information about this program.


Click here to enroll.

New Student Membership Category:

The new Student Membership category is a national membership is an opt-out program for students enrolled in PHCC apprentice programs and will be offered complimentary for the first year. We anticipate that second-year membership fees will be nominal, $10.00. The students will have access to a special web page ( and a growing list of resources to enhance their apprenticeship experience.