Call to Action! Tell Congress: Replenish the Paycheck Protection Program

Posted April 21, 2020

The PHCC of Long Island sent a letter to various members of Congress in regard to replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program. Click here for the letter.
Dear Members:
Below is a link to a Call to Action! Tell Congress: Replenish the Paycheck Protection Program TODAY.
Two weeks ago, President Trump signed the CARES Act into law, providing $350 billion in emergency funding desperately needed by small businesses to keep their doors open and maintain their payrolls.

Today, those funds have been completely exhausted.
Small businesses will not be able to apply for loans from their banks under the paycheck protection program (PPP) until Congress passes supplemental legislation expected to provide an additional $250 billion. Congress needs to act NOW so there is no delay in getting access to much-needed liquidity to help small businesses weather this storm.
Click on the icon "SEND A LETTER" to tell your lawmakers to pass an emergency funding bill TODAY so that small businesses are not delayed from getting the funds they need to keep their doors open and their workers employed.
Thank you!