Frozen Pipe Warning

Posted January 18, 2019


PHCC-LI Frozen Pipe Alert Below Freezing Weather Expected

Oyster Bay, NY – January 18, 2019The Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors of Long Island (PHCC-LI) have issued a frozen pipe alert for Long Island.

Below freezing weather is expected over the next week across Long Island.

The members and leaders of the PHCC-LI warn homeowners and building maintenance personnel about the potential for frozen pipes which could lead to pipes bursting. Broken pipes can cause expensive, dangerous and severe flood damage. PHCC-LI urges homeowners to take immediate and cost-effective preventative steps.

All homes should be inspected to evaluate the potential for frozen pipes and vulnerable areas, as well as preventative steps which can be taken to ensure such a situation does not occur.

PHCC-LI recommends homeowners take these preventative steps to prevent frozen pipes in homes:

  • Disconnect garden hoses. Shut off the indoor valve to prevent water from reaching pipes leading to the outdoors. Drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets.
  • Leave cabinets open. This allows warm air to surround pipes.
  • When temperatures drop, leave a small trickle from faucets of both cold and hot water can prevent freezing. 
  • Keep your thermostat on the same temperature all day and night.
  • Keep heat at its regular temperature level when away for extended periods.
  • Insulate pipes especially those that are in crawlspaces or exposed to the elements.
  • During cold periods, periodically run cold and hot water for 10 minutes or more from sinks, showers and faucets that are exposed to exterior walls.   

Remember to call a licensed plumber if you have frozen pipes. Your home and business should only be trusted to licensed professionals. For a directory of Long Island’s licensed plumbers go to

For more tips for preventing frozen pipes and dealing with frozen pipes in the home go to

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