President's Message: Winter 2018

Posted December 6, 2018

As I near the end of my second term as President of the PHCC of Long Island, the opportunity to reflect is here. My accomplishments and short comings are passed along to the next executive committee.  I wrote in January of 2017 that our association was not advancing with future leadership, therefore Hunter Botto and I offered to each take on another term. I'm proud to announce that the incoming executive committee is in place and those members are more than capable of leading the organization!

This week, I will meet with the incoming President, Don Conway. My lovely wife Lillian will show Don’s wife, Kelly, around the White House. I will also hand over a briefcase with the nuclear codes. Thank goodness our elections were not held in Florida, we would still be counting votes.......

I am pleased to introduce Don’s supporting cast. Vice President, John Bifolco, Vice President Elect, Nick Hartcorn, Secretary, Tom Blacharski and Treasurer, Ron Doughty. Don has also spoken with several members who have expressed interest in leading a committee. Don’s new cast will be led by Jerry Katz, of Wallace Eannance Associates, who will represent our Associate Members. Thank you all for stepping up to the plate!

There is so much that this association is doing for us on the State and National levels. As a member of the National Government Relations Committee and National Membership Committee, I am positioned to keep our chapter updated and to support our new board. National Vice President, Hunter Botto, (destined to be National President) will help us with anything we need.

I'm excited by many of the fresh and new ideas that are already being discussed. Just to name a few: Hosting chapter meetings in Suffolk County, inviting young students to our Trade Show, working with the Boy Scout explorers and visiting high schools to advocate working in our field. We are introducing a Long Island scholarship program, which will hopefully get our apprentice program up and running.

It's been a humbling experience to serve as President, twice. I tried to make our members feel the value of the PHCC. I embraced our Associate Members, whose support and networking is vital to our success. Our members expend their time and money and it's the boards job to serve them. I am delighted with the public exposure we are receiving and hope it shows in membership growth.

I would like to take this time to also thank the PHCC Board for their time and dedication.  It takes a village.. and the board devotes a lot of time, passion and effort to the success of the association. 

As for me, I look forward to sitting among the members and working behind the scenes. I've been on the Executive Committee since 2007, when then President, Tom Maniuszko, nominated me as Recording Secretary. I will always be available to assist any member in need and will be sure to keep members updated on National topics. It's been a pleasure to serve.

That's all folks!

Joe Cornetta
Past President PHCC of Long Island