President's Message - Spring 2020

Posted March 26, 2020

I am looking forward to my second year as your PHCC of Long Island President, and continuing to work with our dedicated and hard-working, Executive Committee which include: Vice President - John Bifolco, 2nd Vice President - Nick Hartcorn, Treasurer - Ron Doughty, Secretary - Thomas Blacharski, Executive Director - John DeLillo, Deputy Director - Allison Wieland, Counsel - Patrick J. Sullivan and Past President - Joseph Cornetta.

Over the last year, meeting attendance has been at a high, and numbers keep increasing on a steady incline. It’s exciting, as President, to constantly see new faces at the meetings and events we host. As an organization, we strive to consistently provide our members with innovative ideas and seminars to better educate themselves. It is a major focus for this association. The more educated and aware our association becomes, the better off we are! We are always promoting the association and looking to expand our network with new members who are looking to gain knowledge that will help them run their business and grow their network circle.

This year, a major goal for me is to get members more involved in our Committees! Several members were involved with our initiatives with the Boy Scouts of America and it was a great success on both sides. I personally can’t wait for June to go back and work with the Scouts in earning their Plumbing Merit Badge! Not to mention, those chicken pot pies bring me back to my youth! 

A new event that we hosted this year was our Comedy Night Fundraiser, which took place at the infamous, Governors Comedy Club. I would like to thank our Associates for their support and donating great raffles for the event! It was a great time, with lots of laughs! We will definitely be scheduling another event soon and I look forward to another fun evening with even more laughs. You can never be too busy to relieve stress and have FUN!

Another goal for the organization is to get our members more involved with NYS PHCC and National PHCC, as both offer tremendous member benefits like industry updates and webinars. These organizations also host conference throughout the year, which are always extremely informative and an overall great time. 

We also must continue to promote the industry to young people by connecting and building relationships with school representatives across Long Island. We are a dying trade and need new blood! Ultimately, our goal is to build awareness in these students that there are many lucrative careers available to them in the plumbing industry!

I will end with a quote from President-Elect, PHCC National Association, Hunter Botto, “PHCC Members are the best trained and respected in the industry.”

Have a great and productive year!

Don Conway