Posted June 1, 2020

The New York State Department of Health issued this advisory over the weekend which was not widely distributed. It does, however, revise the current standard for home isolation and will be important to all employers already opened or reopening under additional NY Forward Phased Re-opening.  Key provisions include:


  • This document provides updated guidance on releasing individuals from home isolation as a result of COVID-19 illness. 
  • The information contained herein supersedes NYS DOH guidance issued on March 28, 2020, and is not intended to be applied to settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or adult care facilities.
  •  In the context of community transmission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated that an interim strategy based on time-since-illness-onset and time since-recovery can be implemented to establish the end of isolation.
  • NYS DOH is adopting the CDC guidance and recommends that for persons with COVID-19 illness recovering at home (or other home-like setting, such as a hotel), maintain isolation for at least 10 days after illness onset and at least 3 days (72 hours) after recovery. o Illness onset is defined as the date symptoms began. o Recovery is defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, with progressive improvement or resolution of other symptoms.  

Discontinue Isolation at Home NotificationDiscontinue Isolation at Home Notification

Information provided by NYS PHCC Lobbyist.