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President's Message: Spring 2018

As we look in the rear-view mirror of 2017, we can enjoy and be proud of all the achievements made by our association. Moving into 2018, our expectations are even higher and we are eager to take on new opportunities!

Throughout 2017, great topics were discussed at our monthly meetings that were very informative and valuable for members. Some of the topics covered were labor laws, preparing for the Paid Family Leave Act, different generations in the workplace, time keeping, becoming a dynamic sales leader and much more!

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About PHCC

The Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors of Long Island is entering its 78th year as an organization of professional licensed master plumbers heating contractors and cooling contractors operating within Long Island. Membership consists of established businessmen who recognize the advantages of membership in a professional organization which represents the PHCC industry.

Latest News

Tightening the rules - Comprehensive code change clamps down on sharing of plumbers' licenses

Newsday published a article on June 20, 2018, titled "Tightening the rules - Comprehensive code change clamps down on sharing of plumbers' licenses".

North Hempstead's building department can now revoke a plumbers licenses if its inspectors find that a plumber has illegally shared their license with someone. 

Read MoreJun 21, 2018

To Help End Shortage of Plumbers on Long Island PHCC Focuses on Online e.Learning Apprentice Academy for Plumbing and HVAC Prospects

The Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors of Long Island (PHCC-LI), an organization comprised of Long Island’s professional licensed plumbing heating and cooling contractors, has announced efforts to bring more individuals into the profession through the New York State PHCC e.Learning Apprentice Academy.  The e.Learning Apprentice Academy is an innovative, non-traditional method for prospective plumbers to receive their foundational apprenticeship-related instruction. Young people interested in entering this profession or those interested in changing their careers  simply need to apply online to begin the process. 

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Make sure plumber is licensed and insured.

Check out yesterday's edition of Newsday for our latest letter to the editor - "Make sure plumber is licensed and insured."

Read MoreApr 19, 2018

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