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The Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors of Long Island is entering its 78th year as an organization of professional licensed master plumbers heating contractors and cooling contractors operating within Long Island. Membership consists of established businessmen who recognize the advantages of membership in a professional organization which represents the PHCC industry.

Winter 2017

President's Message

Yogi Berra said it best, “its déjà vu all over again". I find myself in the honored position of leading the PHCC of Long Island for another term.

Some 5 years ago, the executive committee realized we weren't properly advancing future leaders to run this organization. As a result, my predecessor, Hunter Botto, and I were each asked to serve another term. I'm proud now to announce that the association seems to be back on track, with a handful of energetic members who have stepped forward and got involved.

Getting involved is the most difficult attribute in any organization. I've often said, joining a gym and never working out does nothing for the physique. Thusly, joining an organization and not getting involved, or worse, never attending a meeting does nothing for anyone. I was recently asked to join our National Government Relations Committee and I am thrilled at the opportunity to guide our congressional officials to support PHCC agendas. Yes, it takes time away from family, and yes, it interferes with my business and yes, it reduces the amount of golf balls I lose during the season. However, the rewards outweigh the sacrifices. That's getting involved.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my executive committee and support team. John Delillo Jr, Executive Director, Don Connolly will serve as Vice President, Joe Sampson as Secretary, Ron Doughty as Treasurer, Patrick Sullivan as Legal Counsel and Hunter Botto as Past President.

These gentlemen, along with my personal conciliar, State President Al Esposito, will help guide me through my term. A quick count shows over 150 years total of plumbing and business experience (Al Esposito makes up half that number alone).  All members should freely impose on any of us for advice, as networking is one of our association’s best attributes.

I have written a very ambitious wish list for the next two years. Topics to improve the association and raise public awareness, agendas to guide building departments to be more responsive, and Ideas to make our industry attractive for the millennial generation. I openly invite all members to attend our meetings, ask questions, network and, especially, get involved. Who knows, maybe your physique will improve........


Joseph Cornetta

Long Island PHCC

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